dimecres, 29 d’octubre de 2014


Today troglodytes from the Spanish army have ripped a pro-independence flag in northern eastern Catalonia. In a few hours a Catalan patriot has hanged a new one. 

The troglodytes were in military exercises, near the border with France. 
The number of military maneuvers in Catalonia is skyrocketing lately. Spanish Soldiers in full gear are marauding in different localities, even in Barcelona capital. A growing number of those men are from Latin America, since spaniards do not enlist in the army, even though the catastrophic situation of the youth in the labour market. Only spanish born fascists join it.
A clear  example of psychological warfare to scare citizens who want to cast a vote for independence in November 9th.

Not only the military are attacking the Pro-Independence flag, known as Estelada, A few weeks ago, two Civil Guards also were seen slipping another. And for the Spanish National Police stops, arrests and even assaults supporters from Catalans teams who wave estelades in stadiums located outside Catalonia.

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