dimarts, 12 de juliol de 2016


"Brexit and Scottish separatism together would also add new fuel to the Catalan quest for independence. Whatever the outcome of this quest – Catalonia achieving independence is for the time being less probable than Scotland doing so – it would be a second-order issue compared to the double shock of Britain leaving the EU and Scotland leaving the UK. Still, it would compound the immense confusion into which the whole European scene will have been thrown." (Brexit and European Security)

In Catalonia there is no strategic nuclear military facilities, no problems with the currency as we are in the eurozone... And we are clearly a have actor, even though current spanish transfers system hurts our economy, welfare and security... In fact, that is one of the main reasons to seek independence.

The absence of key Spanish military facilities located in Catalonia, proves the doubts and fears of the military establishment about Catalonia's future as part of Spain. The same goes for defense industry main plants, in contrast to Catalonia'a weight in Spain in the civilian industry.

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