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Barcelona, Catalonia, (dfr.gov.org) – Minister Falah Mustafa presented a seminar at the Barcelona Centre for International Affairs (CIDOB), a leading Spanish think tank, to address the Middle East Geopolitics, Europe’s role and insight from the Kurdistan Region.

The seminar was attended by diplomats, government officials and academics. The Minister gave a brief introduction about the history of Kurdistan and challenges and achievements the region has witnessed throughout the history. Minister Mustafa also shed light on the current situation in Kurdistan including the political and economic challenges, the ongoing fight against ISIS, humanitarian efforts of KRG in caring for 1.8 million refugees and displaced persons.
Minister Mustafa underlined Kurdistan’s problems with Iraq assuring that military cooperation against ISIS is the only area of cooperation between Erbil and Baghdad. The Minister said “KRG tried different political systems and signed different agreements with Baghdad to keep Iraq united but all failed because Baghdad does not implement them. Independence is the only solution and a legitimate right for the Kurdistani people.”

Minister Mustafa, also highlighted the great role Europe has played to support Kurdistan in the fight against ISIS and in providing humanitarian assistance, and stressed the importance of Europe’s contribution in supporting the process of democracy, institution building and conducting referendum in the Kurdistan Region.

The Minister was accompanied by the KRG representative to Spain, Daban Shadala. A question and answer session followed, and participants had the opportunity to ask specific questions of the minister.

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