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El prestigiós web EUROPP, vinculat a la no menys prestigiosa London School of Economics, m´ha publicat un comentari que vaig escriure en resposta a l'article de dos acadèmics en referència a l'actitud del govern espanyol respecte l'independentisme, i del qual ja em vaig fer ressò, parcial, en un post anterior.

L'article en qüestió reconeixia el fracàs del govern espanyol en la seva estratègia de condemnar la Catalunya independent a l'ostracisme internacional... sobretot entre els propis catalans. Fet aquest que hem de celebrar, naturalment. 

Però també semblava voler suggerir mesures per canviar aquesta estratègia. És això, precisament, el que em va decidir a enviar el comentari que ara han penjat, i que reprodueixo a continuació en la seva integritat.

"This analysis is asking for a Third Way, between statu quo and Independence. And this way does not exist. The Solanistan experiment that was implemented in Serbia-Montenegro to avoid the Independence of Montenegro was a failure.

The very fact is that Spaniards do not consider Catalonia as a nation, that is, as a political subject. They consider Catalonia only as an Autonomous Community, a subordinate body to Spanish Central Powers. They reduce all to debate to a territorial-administrative-legal management affair.

On the contrary, a growing number of Catalans, see themselves as a nation, a people in the sense of the United Nations definition, and act politically accordingly. They are fed up with the supremacist policies from Madrid in areas such as language, fiscal affairs, business, infrastructures, and so on, and think that the right moment is arrived for Independence.
The PP-PSOE alternative means a progressive minorisation of the Catalan identity and prosperity, doomed to become a region of low skilled workers in tourism, as a monoactivity, in the same way as the Catalan identity has become in France: a folkloric, patois expression for tourists.
New political parties, such UPyD, are even worst, since favours the suppression of Catalan Autonomy. In the case of the new kid in the block, that is, ¨Podemos¨, it is not good news the fact that its popularity comes from a TV channel that belongs to a multimedia group totally opposed to Catalonia´s right to decide.
To conclude, Catalans are committed to vote, and Spain rulers and politicians and media outlets do not want this to happen. The key element, in this scenario, is that Catalans will keep its word until the end, and if the case arrive, if Spanish Government will send its Guardia Civil and Police units to confiscate thousands of two euros worth polling boxes spread in the territory. That, for sure, will be a good present for photojournalists, audiovisual agencies, and also for twitters, instagramers users."

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