dimecres, 8 d’octubre de 2014


Excalibur, sentenced to death by Spain authorities
Spain is a killing-animals machine. They love to cause pain and death. They even have as a Fiesta Nacional to torture to death bulls. In scores of towns, to kill animals with cruelty is fun.
 Even top authorities enjoy this troglodyte hobby. Remember the former King, a hunting lover of bears, elephants...

Or the members of the Spanish Tribunal Constitucional, yes the one who pretend to avoid Catalan indyref. They enjoy public bull killing. They call it, art.

Now, Spain goes one step further. And it has order to kill a dog, named Excalibur, owned by a sanitary worker infected with Ebola virus. This is an example of the spanish incompetence to manage things right. And a new reason to Catalonia to break free.
Members of the European Union, it´s time to stop with the internal affair stuff. There is no such thing as internal affair. You also have a responsibility to protect (R2P) democracy from trolls and troglodytes that rule this pariah state.

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