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Which makes the new EU foreign policy representative Josep Borrell a controversial figure

The new EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell leads the EU foreign ministers meeting for the first time. But the Spanish politician also draws criticism.

So far he was one of the 28, now he is at the top: Spain's former Foreign Minister Josep Borrell i Fontelles has been the European Union's new foreign representative since 1st December and is the first to chair Monday's EU Foreign Ministers meeting. The Catalan should make EU foreign policy a global player at a time when a new world political order is emerging and bring the Member States into line with one another in foreign policy.

The 72-year-old is highly controversial in Brussels. In the matter of top EU jobs, however, he was given the high position by the criterion Spaniards and socialist. "Catherine Ashton, the first EU foreign representative, was not considered to be very assertive and charismatic," said political adviser Paul Butcher from the European Policy Center think tank in Brussels. “Federica Mogherini has had important successes but has not generated any enthusiasm. However, Borrell has the potential to be a real disaster. ”

Butcher says what many say behind the scenes in the EU institutions. Critics and supporters Borrells agree that he is very smart, dominates the foreign policy business and, unlike his predecessors, does not shy away from making himself unpopular.

The fact that he knows how to skillfully set nuances can already be seen in his announcement that he will take his first official trip to Pristina. Spain is one of the few EU countries that do not recognize Kosovo as independent and thus complicate the EU's Western Balkans policy, for which Borrell is now responsible. But he is also considered impulsive, unreasonable, arrogant and is supposed to show bullying behavior. Due to his conviction for insider trading and his unrepentant handling of it, many MEPs did not want to confirm his position. However, they could not reject him without destroying the balance at the top posts. So Borrell is now where he is.

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