dilluns, 2 de març de 2015


Now, that deserves a little attention. Just a minute of your time, not a second more. Here you have today´s front page from Madrid based ABC newspaper. Headlines states that Jihadi danger threats Catalonia


Only that today is the first day of Mobile World Congress 2105, in Barcelona, that turns out to be the National Capital of Catalonia. Participation expected to MWC is more than 90.000 executives and entrepreneurs from all around the World. 

It seems pretty clear to me, that ABC gang is trying to spread fear and terror in Barcelona, with this front page. And to the whole World (in the case the latter is really interested in what the former publishes, or more accurately spits or regurgigates, a situation that is not really clear).

This is an example of Spain's paranoia against Catalonia process towards Independence. And I bet this won´t be the last one. 

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