divendres, 29 de gener de 2016


Ms. Inés Arrimadas, Opposition Chief in the Parliament of Catalonia, a staunch adversary of Catalonia Independence, believes that Catalonia doesn't need to export more to the rest of the World. As a consequence, she asks to the President of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, to shut down all Catalonia Commercial Delegations network around the World.
Ms. Arrimadas, who heads a 25 strong members caucus, that, by the way, is the weaker official opposition caucus ever (not counting the previous one, since there was a legislative agreement between the then two main parties), is a clear example of the Catalanophobia paranoia well rooted in Spanish political parties. 

Advocating for less exports is nonsense, is against more workplaces, more growth, more welfare. But for die hard Spaniards, as Ms. Arrimades, everything that can be used against Catalonia Independence is welcomed.

As the Guardia Civil motto says "Todo por la patria". And Ms. Arrimadas agrees, even if it is against her countrymen and countrywomen's well being. 

Also a few weeks ago she ostensibly showed no respect at all towards Catalonia National Anthem, Els Segadors. 
European and World politicians and leaders must take good note of this Ms. Arrimadas statement and behavior. 

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