dimecres, 1 de juliol de 2015


Frau Merkel, Monsieur Juncker, Presidents SchultzTusk, let me introduce you those that oppose to Catalonia Independence with hard arguments. 

This "lady" is the new Barcelona Local Government Dircom, and yes, she was peeing in the street, cause she is a post-porno activist.
This is an example of activists that Spain Government headed by Mariano Rajoy, and Luís de Guindos (yes the one who wants to be Eurogroup chairman, by the way), uses to oppose Catalonia Independence.
So, is up to you to decide if you want these friends on board, or on the other hand, a new EU Member State that will be a net contributor to the EU budget and a trustful partner and allied,as the Republic of Catalonia will be.

Yours Sincerely.

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