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At the middle of one of the fiercest terrorist attacks to the heart of Europe that have costs dozens of lifes, this dumb-ass called Mariano Rajoy, Spanish First Minister, is playing politics of the lowest style by avoiding share sensitive security information to Catalonia´s (interim) Prime Minister, Artur Mas, because of the pro-independence stand of the latter

Simply said, that puts all Europe at risk. Whereas all the main political leaders are being informed of the last terrorism developments and the measures to counter it, including Basque Country President, Mr. Rajoy hysterical reaction against Catalonia FM, cannot be qualified but as irresponsible and sectarian. And a danger for EU security.
We have to bear in mind that Catalonia is number one in almost all Spain's rankings in international related areas, such as tourism, international trade, foreign residents, and so on. Thousands of foreign owned firms are located in Catalonia. And thousands of tourists from around the World swarm Catalans towns, specially, of course, Barcelona, in any given day.
President Artur Mas reviewing Mossos d'Esquadra's formation
Also, that Catalonia's Government is in charge of Public Security at large, and it has a Police Force of 17.000 strong men to secure it with the collaboration of Local Police Units (like Barcelona's Guàrdia Urbana), with about 11.000 more men. Catalonia's Police, known as Mossos d'Esquadra, has successfully foiled jihaddists plots previously and has a number of high qualified personnel in counterterrorism, swat, anti-riot, eod units, among others
Catalan police officers in anti-terrorism operation
So the implication of this political motivated boycott from Spain top politician is risking not only Catalan lifes, but also thousands of permanent, temporal residents or tourist in Catalonia. 

It can also be qualified as a backstab to EU and NATO allies, since is putting at risk all the decision both organisations take.
Guàrdia Urbana officers (Barcelona´s local police)
So we urge european and international leaders and organisations to order Mr. Rajoy to stop his criminal behavior, and, as long as Catalonia government is not participating in european and security decision making bodies -a situation, by the way, that won't last long- to provide to Catalonia authorities, and of course, to President Mas, the last updated and complete information available in order to secure lifes in Catalonia.

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